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Everything is connected… You are connected.

Everything is connected… You are connected.

We can see it all around us, especially during these times of awakening. All of us are interconnected energetically and we are starting to realize it. For everyone that is reading this article, you are an expert in an art. You may or may not know it yet. With that specific art you can contribute towards a collective happiness, which could only benefit you and the ones in your surroundings. You can define it as that activity that you give all your attention to and makes you happy. I tell you my friend, you should chase it.  Because by becoming synchronous with the activity that is your natural talent, you become much more energetically conducive. Therefore, allowing yourself to unleash your full potential in this physical reality that we call life.

I guess I could be talking for many by saying that it is the kind of state in which I would like to live during my time on earth. However, there is an outdated social system that is currently in place. This ‘Establishment’ in many ways is obstructing the possibility of its citizens encountering such a conducive state of being.  Nevertheless many have been able to see through that barrier.

You my friend! If you are reading this it’s not just pure coincidence. You have encountered this new website because there is something that you are curious about. Perhaps it could be one of the things that you have been looking for. I welcome you to make use of this website to share knowledge and ideologies that could help fellow human beings in any wave, shape or form. I welcome you to plant seeds that could potentially grow to change society’s behavior, even if it is by a tiny bit. As long as if it is towards a more empathetic and compassionate civilization.

Sifume wants to be a platform which you can use to connect your ideas to people, for people in search of knowledge or simply for a space where you can explore your own curiosity. I believe all kind of topics should be discussed and explored, because all topics are interconnected and make up part of our human experience.

As you may be aware, the world around us is experiencing quite interesting times. Lots of changes are reshaping the world as we know it, such as the internet. Although lots of cool and positives changes are occurring, there are also negative ones.  You see the economy crumbling in lots of countries and global debt increasing to numbers with abnormal amounts of digits. You see anger, ignorance, fanatism, nationalism, racism, classism, genderism, genocide, famine and sadness, basically lack of love.

I feel like the world needs for their people that is spiritually awakening to start organizing each other. To start working together with the purpose of helping the positive change to accelerate. To help people free their minds so they can be able to think for themselves (As big man Bob Marley says “Emancipate yourself from mental slavery”).

So once again I welcome you to post knowledge that could help others, just be yourself and enjoy the ride!     




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  • nicely said, team work always amounts to success no matter what. hope to read more from you soon.
    2/19/2016 2:21:51 PM Reply

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