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A call to action against modern slavery

A call to action against modern slavery

It's Coming to You Now. Are you Up for the Challenge?

The biggest problem facing the human species today is a loss of self, and truly the biggest hurdle we have to overcome, lies in regaining a knowledge of that self. This may seem like a strange statement to make and a somewhat esoteric approach to dealing with social issues, however it remains a fact. A loss of self, and essentially a knowledge of who and what we are as individuals is the root cause of all of mankind's woes.

It must be clearly acknowledged that due to the training and indoctrination received at the hands of a highly detrimental and extremely controlled education system, the sad fact is that most modern people simply do not know who and what they are. And another extremely important issue, and a situation that has come about certainly by no mistake, is that a Government controlled education has very effectively instilled into people's minds, the erroneous belief that authority is real. Indeed an unquestionable respect for authority seems to be the main focus of modern education and it needs to be clearly understood that belief in the authority of another over you, can only result in a loss of self. It is precisely this loss of self-awareness via miseducation, has led to humankind's current predicament. This loss of self has caused people to place their trust, and simply hand power over their lives to figures of perceived 'authority', who are not in any way acting in their best interests. Most especially now as it would seem that, as we enter into 2016, western governments are openly revealing themselves to be fascist and totalitarian to the extreme - such as in the case of Australia, where forced vaccinations are now being introduced and the will of politicians is soon to be enforced upon the people with an iron fist - IF the Australian people continue to believe in the authority of others and CHOOSE to allow it.

As coercive and intimidating (and often downright brutal) as the tactics of Government and its agents may be in attempting to exercise control over people, the fact remains that respect for the authority of another over one's own living flesh is a choice that can only be made by the individual. One can always choose not to... It may seem a little dangerous and fearful to make that choice at first, but that is certainly no reason not to make it, especially when one considers the options - which is to hand control of your life to another. And the truth is, that when assessing the situation in the world today, it becomes apparent that such choices do indeed need to be made. They need to be made by each individual and they need to be made very soon. The time has now come for people to rediscover their true selves and to realize that it is only they, who have any authority over themselves. Someone, Government or otherwise claiming authority over you is simply someone else claiming a right of ownership over your body. Such a thing is slavery and is outlawed even under the Governments own legislation. Such understandings are taken for granted in a free and open society, yet the fact that such basic freedoms are now being slowly eroded away indicates that western society is no longer free, nor open. After all, if one does not own one's own flesh then what else is there to own?

The matter of forced vaccination by legislation is something that really does bring things down to the wire for people. And it's important to understand that the issue here is not one of whether you are pro or anti vaccine. That's not the point, the issue here is one of having the freedom to choose what is put into your body. Ultimately the real question comes down to one of ownership. Who owns your body? You or Government? If you are really disconnected enough to believe it is the Governments place to make such a decision, then perhaps you need to re-evaluate what government is exactly. Government is (well, at least it pertains to be) a group of ordinary people whom the populace elects into positions of management of their respective nations. These are people we employ to manage our infrastructure and economies in a responsible manner and in our best interests. If these employees are now presuming to have a right of ownership over the individual flesh and blood bodies of those who employ them, to the degree of claiming to have (by right of their own decree), the power to dictate what is injected into those bodies, then how is this in the interests of anyone but themselves? The concept of forced vaccinations is in fact one of the most severe breaches of human rights and abuse of office any Government could possibly implement. Indeed, such legislation breaks international law and Human Rights directives and also breaches Australian law to the point that the enacting of such heinous legislation serves to completely invalidate any legitimacy the Australian Government could ever presume to have. Indeed to claim the 'right' to enact such a law is to proclaim open dictatorship. Yet it will go ahead if the people fail to stand up and call it out for what it is. And again, people need to fully realize that this issue is not about whether you are for or against vaccines, it’s about having the freedom to choose - and if people fail to address this issue then vaccines will not be the only choice they will be removed of. If public servants can convince people to give up a right of ownership over their own bodies, then they will likely be able to convince them to give up just about anything.

These types of initiatives are often tried in various countries when the political climate allows it, just to test the waters. If successful in one nation then the same methodology will be applied to other countries. If unsuccessful it will be repackaged and attempted again until it becomes "law" in whichever county the model works, and Australia is very much a test case in this regard. Gun control was successfully trialled in Australia first and it already has some of the most stringent border security, visa and screening requirements in the world - to the point of being ridiculous. These are all models that are intended to be extrapolated out to the rest of the world again, when the various political climates will allow it to be done with relative ease. This unprecedented claim of ownership and wilful attack against peoples very own flesh has, however, taken things to an entirely new level in Australia. Indeed if the battle for human freedom is to be fought and won at all, then it will be fought on this line. The question is, how to do so.

The problem most face with such issues lies in the direction of their focal point and the pathway they choose, inasmuch as most people tend to direct their focus and any subsequent action towards Government, but there is a higher harmonic which lies in a more spiritual approach. And before you go dismissing any spiritual understandings here, remember, that when married together correctly, and in balance, a spiritual understanding applied to the physical can create a virtually unstoppable force. And any man or woman who is prepared to walk the path of the warrior is able to harness and use this force. And what is the path of the Warrior? It is the path with a heart, the path of integrity. It is the path taken by those who fully know who and what they are.

In addressing situations such as forced vaccination, since it is essentially an attack against one’s own flesh, it becomes necessary for people to remember this simple fact. To fully know and stand in who and what they are, to remember they are each a living being housing an eternal soul and now, more than ever, to stand in their flesh and to own it. Remember, such legislation as forced vaccination comes down to a claim of ownership by one over the living flesh of another; you! Therefore the matter cannot be dealt with by a confrontation with Government. Government is a fiction, it is an idea that exists in the ether and no remedy will be found by doing battle with a cloud, however, within the mechanism of Government, there exists a living man or woman, perhaps several of them, who put their wet ink signature on paper and decreed mandatory vaccination to be "law". By signing such a decree into "law" in such terms as which contravene natural law, such a man or woman has thereby claimed a right of ownership over your living flesh and it is up to you, the individual, to either allow it by your choice of silence and thus consent to their actions, or to stand up and demand that individual to be called to account to provide proof of their claim of ownership of your flesh. Either that or to face charges for slavery, even under their own legislation. But the choice is yours alone to call and such a thing will not happen at all until people remember who and what they are. It will not happen until people stop waiting for salvation from an external source as they have been so well trained to do. It will only happen when people are prepared to stand in the power of owning their own flesh. It is your body, the flesh, blood and sinew are owned and controlled by you alone. Know your flesh, stand in it, own it and speak your truth. And if you are ever 'required' to appear in court, ask if there are two languages being spoken in the room today... ask for your accusers to show you a copy of the contract that exists between you and their trading company ("Nation") and ask for your accuser to provide proof of their claim of ownership over your flesh.

The stark reality is that the future of mankind, and whether that future will be one of freedom or slavery now rests upon the edge of a knife and the choice lies only with the people. It has always laid with the people only, they have until now, been too afraid to make that choice. Yet the decision to choose freedom lays only with the people. No one can save mankind until the people decide to save themselves. It will happen when people wake up to the reality that Government is a meme. It is a cloud, an idea, a fiction we made up. But within its mechanism are people. A criminal elite, an Kakistocracy, all of whom get away with what they do, simply due to the fact that people believe Government is real. And so this criminal elite is able to conceal themselves behind that facade. Most have forgotten Government is made up of people. They have forgotten that all within our society are just people, regardless of their station. All are just people and all have equal value, equal worth and equal potential - including themselves. Most have forgotten this simple truth and so they have forgotten the power of their own beings. But now these certain individuals, these politicians, via the mechanism of Government and peoples belief that the system, and thus authority over their individual sovereign flesh and blood beings is real, are moving to impose their will upon every man woman and child on Earth.

And so the time has now come for people to remember their power, to exercise their will and to now make the choice to be free. Indeed the future of this species depends on it.

Are you up for the challenge?




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  • Abe
    This is all well and good, but we cannot do anything about this. They have taken all our power away. All we can do is try not to be miserable and try and enjoy our 'free' imprisonment. Amen
    2/1/2016 4:20:20 PM Reply
  • Another superb article, thanks a lot Max. I totally agree it should be your choice what you put in your body; this is just one step closer to complete lock down. I for one am against vaccinations of any kind. We need to take action or forever become lost an a system that seems only to serve itself while suppressing the people it is supposed to look after - you and I.
    12/22/2015 1:02:28 PM Reply

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