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The end of Online privacy is close

The end of Online privacy is close

In the latest government agenda to further invade what little rights the common people have, the Home Secretary Theresa May is attempting to make a deal that will give the government and all its agencies full access to everything you do online... that includes social media, your search engine history and the websites you visit, as well as e-mails you send out from services such as Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo and any other mail or messenger service you use.

Theresa May's 'Investigatory Powers Bill' which has been dubbed as the 'Snoopers Charter' in lieu with the Edward Snowden fiasco, will give many government bodies 'big brother' surveillance powers over everything - and I mean everything, that we do using the Internet.

This bill which Theresa May is desperately trying to have legalised means that means that Internet Service Providers will be required by law to keep extremely detailed information about what their customers do online. This is cause for concern and will undoubted affect the modern person in the following areas:

  • Online Banking
  • Online Shopping
  • Medical History
  • Instant messengers records
  • Social media interactions
  • Online Dating records
  • Search engine histories
  • Websites you have visited

Internet Service Providers will have to store this detailed information of practically every key stroke you have made on your keyboard whilst online - as an IT professional I know that no system is fool proof. If the pentagon, M15 and even the banking systems can be hacked by 15 year old children in a matter of hours, then this will open up a massive opportunity for hackers to gain an advantage against the common people who make an honest living.

Another important issue with this new bill is that companies could be required to stop encrypting our data which again brings us back to the above paragraph regarding hackers! Additionally it legalises mass surveillance, which in turn makes it illegal for companies who are 'spying' on you to inform you once they have passed on your confidential data to the government.

Thanks to Cathy Massiter - a former MI5 operative, it was made known that throughout the 80s - M15 forced BT to spy on many law abiding citizens, particularly those involved in political activism and trade unions. Let's not revert back to the stone age of the Internet by allowing the government we have elected to hand away our privacy. We already have limited freedom to express ourselves in the United Kingdom, so let's blow the whistle on this right now before it’s too late!

This new bill will put immediate pressure on all companies involved in social media, telecoms, email and any other service that requires the use of the internet or a telephone.

I encourage all those who do not want to give away the keys to their private life for government scrutiny to head over to and sign the petition, as well as donate to a truly worthy cause – the protection of your privacy:

Sign the petition here:

Then share this on your social media accounts and email it to as many people as you know.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

As always…

Stay positive, stay healthy, live with passion and compassion.

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Most of all – keep your private life… PRIVATE unless you feel like sharing.




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