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Let's Go Home

Let's Go Home

Let´s go home – A plea from a soul sister to her fellow soul family.

We are currently living in a society that will go out on a limb just so we can keep our heads down, our eyes closed and terrifyingly as it sounds so we can keep our minds with limited believes that were pressed upon us millions of years ago.

How is it possible that we are settling with this idea, this myth that we can only use up to certain percentage of our brain, our motherboard? We humans are god-like beings with the capacity to evolve, create, heal….Yet our society dictates and makes us believe something else, since early on we were implanted with this beautiful, perfect concept of the human life, as something we should strive and long for….The perfect family, the perfect job, white picket fence, this concept of the law-abiding citizen. Laws which of course will empower the system and leave the person humiliated and almost unworthy if they don’t play by the “lets-make-them-not think “rules. And we pass this lesson, this way of life form generation on to the next.

Early civilizations were the ones that got it right, they made empires out of nature, science and prayer. They worshipped the sun, while dancing under the moon as rituals of gratitude for their rich imagination, and always expanding ideas on how to survive and evolve as civilizations. Some of those civilizations in ancient India would actually kill and punish their own tribe for not praising god and realizing they were spiritual beings with the power to heal and contribute. Nowadays it seems all we do is deny our light, and contribute to a society where substance abuse, music and television are being glorified for giving us that ”break” we desperately need for the life we “want” but will make us stress and give us anxiety  to a point that will make us sick.

Music, TV, movies, drugs, alcohol and so on are being design for exactly this. The only two legal and morally accepting drugs in society are coffee and alcohol. Coffee so we can stay awake and work to pay our tax and keep on living by the system. And of course there is alcohol during weekends so we can stay asleep and not think during our “free time”.

When are we, as a society going to wake up and see the reality? When are we going to acknowledge and embody our divine powers? We are spiritual beings, not zombies or puppets. We are here on Earth for a mission, and trust me it’s not the white picket fence.

This is my plea, to my fellow brothers and sisters. Soldiers of love and peace; let´s unite and bring the others home.






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  • I feel your heart sister, thank you for a beautiful reminder, and inspiración. Let us go home!!!
    9/5/2016 5:25:23 PM Reply

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