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Remember, We are all Human Here

Remember, We are all Human Here

One of the things most responsible for the current human predicament is a loss of self. People have simply forgotten who, or perhaps more correctly what, they truly are. People simply don't seem to realise that all those who presume to control them via the machinations of Government are all simply people, exactly as they themselves are people.
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The end of Online privacy is close

The end of Online privacy is close

In the latest government agenda to further invade what little rights the common people have. The Home Secretary Theresa May is attempting to make a deal that will give the government and all it's agencies full access to everything you do online... that includes social media, the things you search for online and the websites you visit, as well as e-mails you send out from services such as Hotmail, Outlook, Gmail and yahoo to name a few.
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