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How to become the best version of yourself - a practical guide

How to become the best version of yourself - a practical guide

By now, you should have some idea that what we consume on every level can massively impact how we feel, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually and there is no doubt that these elements are interconnected. Despite your beliefs, whether they are religious, spiritual, atheist or none of the aforementioned - one thing should be salient for each of us. That is, respecting and taking care of ourselves to the highest standard possible.


I have always had high standards for myself and deep down, I have known that certain things in this world are not quite right, even from a young age which has played into the standards I hold for myself. As I grew up, I started to feel different from everyone else. I was not interested in doing the things everyone else was and just knew there must be something more to life than being successful in terms of social and economic status. All I ever wanted was to be the best version of myself, be happy and at peace, and for the entire world to be happy and at peace too. And this is something we all have in common - the search for happiness.


As I became more aware of what I believe to be the truth, which is the following:  everything in the entire Universe and beyond consists of energy, even us humans. Everything is therefore vibrating at particular frequencies which take on different forms due to their atomic arrangement, we are all connected via our consciousness (our minds) that what we think completely creates the reality we experience, and that we must all work together to create a happy, healthy and unified existence, I decided to take the necessary steps to ensure I would raise my vibration. In simple terms, I decided to become the best version of myself. Therefore, I made life changing decisions and I have never looked back.


The first thing I wanted to do was to completely change the way I thought about things and subsequently change my life. I realised that from a very young age, we are taught what and how to think. We are made to go to school, whereby there is a strict system of subjects we must learn. We are introduced to media, for instance, Television/the news whereby we are pumped with programmes of a low level nature (indoctrinating us), and teaching us how things should be. We are taught how we should look and act etc. materialism is promoted at an exponential rate (which by the way can never bring true happiness, it comes from within) and this all collectively serves to control us, divide us and make us unhappy. Music also plays a huge role. Just stop for a second and think about how music has changed over the last few decades. Music is sound and sound is energy which permeates us very easily. If you are listening to music of a low frequency, and by that I mean particular mainstream music of a distasteful nature, then subconsciously you are being negatively affected by this. The words serve to programme you into thinking this language and behaviour is acceptable and the frequency in which this music is tuned, serves to keep you locked down in a lower state of consciousness/lower vibration (this could manifest in you thinking negatively about things, feeling down or depressed, being physically unwell etc.). These are just some examples of how we can be negatively affected by what we consume mentally without us even realising it, and this is only mental.


Emotions are energy in motion and are very powerful. We must all experience every type of emotion - it is inevitable. When we feel joy, we feel great, when we feel pain, not so great. However, our default emotional state should be as positive as possible as we all deserve to be happy.  Additionally, we all experience events that cause emotional upset or trauma. These events, I view as lessons which are necessary in order for us to evolve. However, we must not bury these emotions. Instead, we must bring them to the surface and release them so we can heal ourselves. We should also be mindful of our relationships with others. Unfortunately, due to many of the things I discuss in this article, not everyone will be the best version of themselves... yet. Therefore, if we do not feel we can help to make others aware enough in order for them to change themselves, then we should protect ourselves by ceasing contact – they will catch up. Remember, you are worthy of being treated with kindness and respect from others!


Physically, we must keep ourselves healthy by limiting the amount of toxins we are exposed to. This starts with being mindful of what we eat and drink. I became a Vegan over a year ago and have never felt better. By choosing this lifestyle, I am ensuring I am as healthy as possible by eating an organic (as much as I can) plant-based diet. Also, very importantly, I am helping animals and the environment massively which I am proud of.


Exercise is another important aspect. However, going to the gym and lifting weights is not necessarily the healthiest form of exercise we can partake in. Instead, Yoga is much easier on the body and provides many benefits (check out Andre’s article on the health benefits of Yoga here). Additionally, pharmaceutical drugs can have a negative effect on our health. I choose not to consume any kind of medication/pain killer unless absolutely necessary. I always try to find a natural alternative. However, prevention is better than a cure. So, by taking the steps I outline below, you could hugely help your overall health and wellbeing and prevent disease from setting in.


When we are not in an overall positive state, we can become out of balance and by that I mean on an energetic level. This in turn can manifest in many ways. For a thorough explanation of the energy centres within us (Chakras) and the problems that can arise from imbalances – check out Andre’s article here, explaining what Chakra’s are. When we are in complete balance and harmony overall, we will feel much better in ourselves and life is easier and more pleasant.


Therefore, to help yourself on every level and improve your life, you can do the following:

  • Meditate - it is absolutely crucial that we practice meditation on a regular basis. There are so many benefits delving into our minds can bring us, and practising breathing techniques does wonders for us overall. Lara's article explains how to carry out a simple meditation; you can refer to that for guidance.
  • Use daily positive affirmations (especially if you are experiencing negative thoughts about yourself/your life) - check out Andre’s detailed article on how to use affirmations.
  • Stop watching Television
  • Stop listening to music with words and especially music of a negative nature (words with a positive and inspiring message are ok however). I discovered Native American Flute music and fell in love with it instantly as it completely resonated with me. There are no words, just healing flute. It is beautiful - have a listen!
  • Stop following celebrities, and start following yourself! This inevitably includes reducing the amount of time spent on social media sites.
  • Stop reading newspapers. Or if you are going to, realise that not everything you read is true, do your own research, and do not let fear be instilled in you.
  • Start reading books of a positive nature; the topic can be anything so long as it serves to enhance you mentally.


  • Spend time in nature - absorbing the positive energy nature has to offer is highly beneficial.
  • Learn to recognise individuals who make you feel drained or do not feel so good to be around and reduce the time you spend with them or cut them out of your life completely if you feel you cannot help them.


  • Do more of the things that make you happy and find things that you are passionate about.
  • Learn to forgive others. Let go of anger, hate and jealousy and try to live a more positive and fulfilling life. Meditation will help immensely with this as will talking about negative emotions in order to release them.
  • Think very carefully and carry out thorough research before you or your family are vaccinated.
  • Try to cut out meat, dairy, sugar, alcohol, cigarettes and any processed foods (especially Genetically Modified Organisms GMOs) and drinks and try to eat a lot more wholefoods. If possible, buy a water filter but ideally, try to transition to a Vegan lifestyle! For healthy and easy Vegan recipes, check out our Health page where recipes will be regularly uploaded.


  • Get rid of your microwave - it emits harmful radiation.
  • Modern technology emits electromagnetic fields that are harmful to us. Limit the amount of technology you use and turn off your wireless when it is not in use.
  • Switch to organic/Vegan cosmetics, or create your own.


  • Try to exercise regularly. In particular, practice Yoga.
  • Last but not least, try to monitor your thoughts and be careful of any negative thoughts you have. After all, our thoughts shape our reality and we attract what we are and what we think about the most!


The above list contains some of the most important things we can do to change our lives, however it is not exhaustive. And by doing the above, my life has drastically changed for the better. Overall, I am a much happier, healthier individual who appreciates life fully. Keeping ourselves healthy overall is an ongoing process but the quality of life you will experience in return is priceless.

If you are spiritually inclined and make the above changes, you will start to become more aligned with your true/higher self and you may begin to notice changes in yourself and the experiences you encounter. For example, you may notice synchronicity or may notice that it occurs much more frequently. This could take the form of looking at the time and consistently seeing the same numbers e.g. 11:11. You may become much more sensitive to peoples energies/emotions and as your Chakras become balanced and more open you may start to experience vivid dreams or recover past life memories. These are just some of the things you may encounter. However, there are many more exciting things you can uncover. Whatever happens, try to embrace it as these are all good signs that you are advancing on your spiritual path.

Remember, by changing ourselves we inevitably change the world for the better.
To gain an understanding of why the world is not in a great state at the moment, why we are controlled and taught to think a certain way, as well as being poisoned everywhere we turn - check out the articles written by Max Igan here and here.


Ultimately, we hold the key to unlocking our potential and we possess the power to shape our realities. We must be strong in creating the best possible environment for ourselves, individually and collectively. If you cannot manage all of the above changes, one thing you can definitely manage and have ultimate control over is your mind. Remember “Die Gedanken Sind Frei” – thoughts are free!




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  • Love this article. It's defiantly given me direction and guidance on changing my way of life and creating a more conscious and happy self. I'll certainly be putting this into practice. Thanx :D
    3/17/2016 5:47:14 AM Reply
  • hello, i like to says that you make very well descripchon you have inlight me very mush with this poem you make i very know much alot abot this things you have writed, please thank you so mush for this anyways u are wunderfell and very haware of this things not good for us please thanks, i will like to make questions now please thank you. 1. can please tell me 2. i dont want to make radation to my brains so how i stay in contac with peoples if my phone make a brain fry. 3. is it safe to walk near the lamp posts with the elecrics will this subconchosly affecct my brains 6. how i make crystal? 7. how i no consum this position is everywher 8. if i have calsified pineals does this mean i have calcium defishency. thank you so mush please.
    2/20/2016 8:37:12 PM Reply
  • This is a more complete guide of what Ben wrote thank you for expanding on it with more detail. It makes it easier for me to do it. Thanks
    2/19/2016 3:14:27 AM Reply
    • @Luseal: Hi Luseal - you're very welcome. Sometimes the easiest and simplest changes have the biggest impact! I hope you can make some of these changes and enjoy a more positive life, Jess.
      2/19/2016 5:25:44 PM Reply
  • On my way to Colombia I did a lot of meditation and my conclusion is rather similar to what has been written here.
    1/27/2016 2:12:28 AM Reply
    • @Little Freda: Hi Freda, thanks for reading. I'm glad you came to similar conclusions about how we can improve ourselves and our lives, and especially that these conclusions came after a lot of meditation - that's great! Keep up the good work :) Have a good day, Jess
      1/27/2016 11:55:42 AM Reply
  • What in is your oponion the most improtant things that you did which had the most basic impact on that nice lovely list off changes to make my life your good. pleas thanks Ashraf
    1/26/2016 2:32:17 PM Reply
    • @Ashraf: Hi Ashraf, you're welcome. I hope you have managed some changes, do let me know :) thanks Jess
      2/17/2016 9:42:33 PM Reply
    • @Jessica Faulkner: Thank you too much for a good responding too me. I must try to make this happening for me. praising you all the way from here to there and I wanting to read very much more of writing from you. pleas thanks Ashraf
      1/28/2016 6:02:39 PM Reply
    • @Ashraf: Hi Ashraf - thanks for reading. There a few things I consider the most important (although I think they are all important) and they are: my transition to a Vegan lifestyle, not watching Television, not listening to music with words, not reading newspapers/watching the news (and any kind of mainstream media) and meditation. These three changes massively impacted my life for the better and out of these three things, the thing I found the easiest was meditation. I hope you consider some of these changes too :). Thanks, have a good day, Jess
      1/27/2016 11:53:20 AM Reply
  • Can you elaborate on why I shouldn't watch Arab or listen to music with words? I find music touches my soul and makes me happy and I learn a lot about the world from watching TV especially the news and true movies. Thanks
    1/25/2016 11:24:31 PM Reply
    • @Lara Murray: Thanks Lara! Exactly! Being able to express ourselves creatively can only bring us closer to our true/higher selves and lead to a more authentic and fulfilling life. You have some great articles too :) Jess
      2/17/2016 9:41:09 PM Reply
    • @Jessica Faulkner: This reminds me of something Terence McKenna said along the lines of "stop consuming culture...create culture". Creativity is an essential part of our connection to the Divine and how our Higher Self expresses itself and so consuming less media is important for our personal growth, as Jess says. Great article Jess :)
      2/17/2016 4:30:46 PM Reply
    • @Jackson: Hi Jackson, thanks for reading and commenting. Music is a crucial part of existence and effects us all in many ways whether that be positive or negative. Therefore, I understand that music touches your soul, as it does that for many, if not all of us. The message I was trying to deliver was that, music that contains words of a negative nature e.g. swearing/derogatory language/promotion of materialism is not good for us to listen to. This is because our minds are very powerful and what we think about/listen to/watch (basically anything we consume mentally) we can become, whether we are aware of it or not. If you are listening to music with positive words that make you happy however, then you should continue to listen to that particular music. Although, personally I like to listen to music without words because my mind is free to wander and think while I listen, instead of being taken over by the words.Think of it like this, our minds are a computer and the music we listen to/things we watch are software programs that we are choosing to install, therefore, would you want your computer (your mind) to be upgraded with positive programs or downgraded with negative programs? We can definitely learn things about the world by watching the news - however, the things we learn from the mainstream media may not always be a true representative of what is actually happening and we must be aware of this. Therefore, you should do your own research and look out for reputable sources of information when watching the news. Regarding true films, there are some films/documentaries that are definitely worth watching that can enhance you mentally and open your eyes to a lot of truths. I recommend Samsara, Baraka, nature documentaries such as Microcosmos, and Earthlings. Remember, when we are consuming media, although it can be beneficial, we should try to limit the amount of time we give to this, as the more time we spend consuming media, the less time we have for things such as meditation, getting out into nature and so on. However, you know yourself the best - so try to find a balance between these things and most importantly do what makes you happy. I hope this helps to make things clearer :) Jess
      1/27/2016 11:38:54 AM Reply
  • This is the most comprehensive guide I have seen to date. Thanks for sharing this x
    1/25/2016 2:54:10 PM Reply

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