Element of Aether

Understanding and Mastering the Elements: Fire

Understanding and Mastering the Elements: Fire

The world in which we inhabit and interact with is governed by 4 primary elements; Fire, Air, Water and Earth. These elements each have unique properties attributed to them that are easily understood when we look upon the surface. However their attributes go far deeper into all of creation… All elements came directly out of the Akasha sometimes referred to as Ether or Spirit; it can be said that the combination of all 4 elements are embodied wholly in the fifth element – the Akasha. Before we can begin mastering the elements it is important to gain a deeper understanding of them.

I will attempt to simplify the explanations of these elements before I describe in detail, exercises that will allow you to gain control over the elements.

Note that this is a 4 part article, and in this instalment I will deal only with the Fire element.

The Fire Element

The first element that came out of the Akasha is the element of Fire. Each element has polar opposite attributes – i.e. positive and negative, active and passive. The active or positive attributes of the Fire element are to create and expand. This is why before any creative work can begin we have fire and/or light. Even in the bible we see the words “Let there be light” before God created the world. Light has fire at its foundation, without fire there can be no light, we can witness this fact when observing the sun which is a ball of radiant fire. Of all the elements, fire has the greatest creative force.

The negative or passive attributes of the fire element are destructive and decomposing. If a fire is left unchecked it can easily burn down an entire forest, or in another real life example - The Great Fire of London in 1666, where countless homes were reduced to ash and lives were lost.

Now let us look deeper and see how the fire element plays its roles in nature and in human beings:

The fire element is aligned with the summer season, Midday (noon) when the sun is at its highest point and the direction of the South. Although other Chakras may contain portions of the fire element; it is the solar plexus Chakra that is most activated by the Fire element. The fire element can also be found in abundance in active volcanoes, spicy or hot food, as well as in short tempers, aggressive behaviour and angry emotions. The fire element is also responsible for cooking our food, keeping our homes warm and creating many of the modern conveniences we now enjoy.

In the human being, the fire element is responsible for one’s vitality and creative forces. An abundance of this element in individuals who cannot control the fire element may lead those to align with the negative aspects, which manifest as aggressive verbal or physical behaviour and emotional outbursts. The over-fired individuals will often experience feeling hot or over-heating with very little physical stimulus and seldom needing to dress warmly – even during winter months.

On the positive side, having abundant fire, will allow physical works and exercises to be completed easily – the body’s muscles respond and grow quickly. Abundant positive fire affects the mind by enhancing the imagination, and manifesting a more social personality. Although the greatest asset of possessing abundance of the fire element is the ability to manifest ideas into reality through action and/or the law of attraction principle.

A lack of the fire element does the opposite in the human being; you will find these individuals will always feel cold, tend to have low self-esteem, get tired quickly and have little physical vitality, they will struggle to think up new ideas and are often softly spoken. You may not possess all the negative traits - this varies from person to person.

Note that having too much or too little of this element can manifest various symptoms from hyperactivity to chronic fatigue. However, it is beyond the scope of this article to uncover all the ailments related to improper control of the fire element.

Fire Element Exercises

Before I divulge the practical exercises I must stress the importance of caution and recommend that you do not skip the theory part of this article. These exercises should be carried out carefully and one should adhere to all the associated warnings.

Do not do the exercises for longer than stated below in a single 24 hour period or serious health problems may develop. Additionally as with all exercise programs, I suggest you contact your General Health Practitioner before attempting any of the exercises below. I cannot be held responsible for anyone who decides to practise these powerful methods – you do so entirely at your own risk.

These exercises are not recommended for those suffering from high blood pressure.

Exercise 1

As a beginner you MUST NOT do this exercise for more than 5 minutes in a 24 hour period to start with. You must practise this technique daily – preferably at the same time each day. You may choose to break up the exercise by doing 2.5 minutes in the morning and 2.5 minutes in the evening or doing it for 1 minute at a time throughout the day. You can then increase the time practised by 1 minute after each week provided that you have been practising daily without missing a day. Should you miss a day of practise then you must not increase the time until you have made up for the missed day. Should you miss 2 consecutive days at the beginning of your practise then you will be back to square one.

1. Sit upright or lay straight and set your timer for the allotted time.

2. Close your eyes and visualise that you are sitting or laying within a ball of fire that surrounds your entire body.

3. Breathe the fire in through your nostrils deeply, smoothly and evenly – do not strain yourself.

4. With each inhalation feel the fire travelling through your nostrils and down into the area between your navel and solar plexus where it gradually grows from a small spark into a hot fiery ball.

5. With each inhalation the heat between the navel and solar plexus must increase, and so too must the fiery pressure. You will start to feel the heat of the fire element building up in and around you imaginatively.

Once you have practised for the allotted time or should you feel that you have built up enough of the fire element, you must now release the accumulated fire out of your body and back into the surrounding environment.

6. Imagine that the fireball around you has now disappeared – take a deep breath in and blow out vigorously through the mouth, while imagining that you are like a dragon and blowing out fire – as you do so, visualise the flame diminishing within you completely. Repeat this several times until you no longer feel the fire ball or any heat.

Important Notes

It is normal to feel a heat building up within, and you may even begin sweating. However, if at any time during the exercise you feel uncomfortable or too hot immediately stop and move to step 6 to release the accumulated Fire element.

Always release the fire you have accumulated after practise, repeat step 6 several times until you can no longer feel any trace of it.

Keep a glass or bottle of cold water nearby to drink in the case that you are unable to release the Fire element completely.

Exercise 2 – Advanced

Unless you are already experienced with the fire element, please do not attempt this exercise until you have practised Exercise 1 daily. Once you are able to do Exercise 1 for at least 15 minutes then you may proceed with Exercise 2. This is a more powerful technique and requires greater control of the fire element. Serious harm may manifest should you not heed my warning.

In this advanced step, we will be counting the breaths rather than using a timer. To begin with it is recommended that you start with 7 inhalations and increase by one inhalation with each successfully completed exercise. One should not exceed more than 15 inhalations in a single exercise within your first week of daily practise. Unless you are physically very strong then please adhere to this warning - until you become adept, in which case you may do up to 30 inhalations in a single sitting.

You may breakdown this exercise over the course of a day provided you do need exceed the maximum recommends inhalations. As this exercise is more intense, I recommend you proceed with caution. Those with high blood pressure are strictly forbidden from practising this exercise.

1. Sit upright or lay straight and close your eyes.

2. Visualise that you are within an extremely hot ball of fire that surrounds your entire body and everything – including the entire universe.

3.  Imagine that the body and spirit are an empty container waiting to be filled with this intensely hot fire.

4. Breathe the fire in through your nostrils and simultaneously through every pore in your body. The breath must be deep, smooth and even – do not strain yourself in any way.

5. With each inhalation you must press the fire deeply into your body and spirit, the fire must get hotter and the pressure must increase continuously as you breathe in.

Once you have practised for the allotted number of inhalations, you must now release the accumulated fire back into the universe using an equal number of exhalations as inhalations:

6. Inhale normally through the mouth, and as you exhale through the mouth and exhale through every pore in the body - visualise the fire element leaving you and returning back into the universe. You must complete the same number of exhalations as inhalations – if you completed 7 inhalations, you must complete 7 exhalations.

Important Notes

During the accumulation process between steps 1 to step 5 you will notice a gradual build-up of the fire element in terms of heat and expansive force. When mastered, this may cause you to sweat and even produce a fever, the heat will also be produced and felt in the surrounding environment. Hence it is important to release the fire element accumulated so that no additional fire remains. Once released the feelings of heat should have dissipated completely.

As in exercise one it is advisable though not essential to keep a glass of cold water to drink afterwards should you require it.

This exercise should be practised with closed eyes to begin with, and later with open eyes to increase your imaginative and creative forces.


In this article you have learned about how the fire element manifests qualities both physically and mentally. You have also been given two simple yet powerful exercises to aid in the mastery of the fire element. Approach these exercises with caution and under advisement from a qualified General Health Practitioner as with all exercises.

When these exercises are mastered, as demonstrated by Masters in Asia and the Far East, you will be able to condense the fire element to such a degree that you will affect the environment around you. By walking around naked and barefoot in the snow, Masters of the Fire element are able to melt the snow for several yards around them, as well as dry wet clothes placed upon them within a very short time. Mastery of that degree takes many years of daily practise. If you are naturally aligned to the Fire element, then this time may be considerably shorter dependent on your natural aptitude.

Finally, I hope that you enjoyed learning about the Fire element and that should you decide to do these exercises – you heed all warnings and proceed with caution.

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Until the next time,

Stay positive, Stay healthy, Live with Passion and Compassion.

Love to you all,

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