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I have always believed in self-improvement and helping others. I started my spiritual journey in 2012 with studies into meditation, conscious projection, remote viewing, energy cultivation/manipulation, telepathy, past life regression, medium-ship, Crystals, Sound Therapy, including many other scientific and shamanistic practises. From as early as I can remember, I have always had keen perceptions that made me somewhat more aware of the physical and spiritual realms.
My Spiritual Awakening Chapter 1

My Spiritual Awakening Chapter 1

My conscious awakening began just over 3 years ago. By conscious awakening - I mean when I really started to take a conscious effort to understand the non-physical elements of reality. From as long as I can remember, my life was filled with lots of unexplainable phenomena and I always felt as if something was a miss. I never tried to explore these things as the people around me for the most part seemed oblivious to it all or at least pretended not to notice in the case of my mother...
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Be The Difference, Break The Chains of Karma

Be The Difference, Break The Chains of Karma

One of my many passions is meeting new people, freely sharing ideas and exploring cultural differences. Our differences are a major part of what makes this world so exciting and vibrant. However, the very differences that make us unique/interesting, are the very things that are used to spread fear, hate and keep us divided. This article explores differences and the misunderstanding of differences in detail. I also propose some easy ways you can immediately take action to choose a better outco...
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