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What is Sleep Paralysis and how do I stop it?

What is Sleep Paralysis and how do I stop it?

Although there is a wealth of accurate information on Sleep Paralysis (SP), there is even more inaccurate information on this very useful tool of consciousness. There are many articles floating around both old and new claiming that SP is an attack by a demon or entity of some kind that’s either trying to suck your life force or terrorise you in some way… that couldn’t be further from the truth!
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How to have a Lucid Dream

How to have a Lucid Dream

In this article I detail some of the many techniques that my fellow Lucid Dreamers and I personally used to have some incredibly vivid, long lasting Lucid Dreams. The act of Lucid Dreaming has been used by many ancient cultures throughout the world for various reasons, besides the obvious fun of having a dream in which you are the creator and as such can live out any fantasy you can fathom.
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