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Psychic Cord Cutting

Psychic Cord Cutting

Psychic cords are invisible ‘strings’ of emotional energy that connect us to universal consciousness and the oneness of cosmic love. As we progress on our journey through physical life and make acquaintances and fall in love – we create more and more of these psychic cords sometimes referred to as soul contracts.
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The MUSE Technique: How To Rediscover Lost Inpiration

The MUSE Technique: How To Rediscover Lost Inpiration

In this article I explore simple, yet powerful techniques you can use immediately to reignite the flames of inspiration. The muse technique comes in a variety of flavours that can be used in multiple ways to empower and motivate you when you are feeling listless. You are just 4 easy steps away from bringing out your inner muse - no matter what the weather is...
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